About Sisson Stock Photos


putting the sisson into sisson stock since 1997*

sisson stock is the online home to the combined work of New Zealand-based photographers Sarah & Todd Sisson.  We are best known for our distinctive and visually arresting New Zealand landscape photography which, through our other website sisson.co.nz, can be found gracing the walls of homes throughout the world.

We have been full-time professional photographers for over a decade - a career that spans fashion, advertising and photojournalism photography. Our images have been published internationally in magazines, calendars and used extensively in marketing campaigns.

We love having a single home for all of our many thousands of images - and we are continuously adding new work to the library.  We trust that you will enjoy the experience of browsing our catalogue.

about the stock library


Just like New Zealand, sisson stock is a small but very pretty place to visit.

When you deal with us you are buying directly from two New Zealand based photographers - Todd & Sarah Sisson.  sisson stock is the licencing arm of sisson.co.nz (New Zealand landscapes on canvas & fine art prints) 

Buying your next New Zealand stock photo(s) from this site is the real-deal, whole-foods, crunchy-granola, buy-local transaction.

Our customers tend to sleep soundly at night in the knowledge that there is no 10,000 lb corporate stock-gorilla standing between them and our shots.  Speaking of gorillas, if our photos were bananas there'd be very few food miles to consider :-)

our aim

Our focus is to build a library stocked to the gunwales with quality New Zealand photography for use by designers, businesses (large & small) and individuals.  

Because the whole library is available for immediate licencing and download you won't need to wait for us to emerge from the wilds to fulfill your stock photo desires.  

If you so wish, you can have absolutely nothing to do with us at all - but we prefer to help everyone who passes through our 'doors' so feel free to contact us - no question goes unanswered. Not a one. Promise!

what's in the photo library

Our strength is New Zealand landscape photography and this comprises the backbone of the current stock catalogue.  However it is a well kept secret that we photograph people too - in fact we used to shoot people full-time in our previous life as commercial photographers.

Over time we plan to bring a significant number of model-released images of people in the outdoors to the library. So to summarise - you'll find the following in our New Zealand stock photography catalogue:

  • South Island landscape photos
  • North Island landscape photos
  • New Zealand wildlife images
  • Kiwiana images
  • New Zealand culture
  • People in the NZ landscape & outdoors
  • NZ adventure themed images
  • NZ travel themed photos

what's not in the photo library

We try to avoid clogging the library with;

  • shot sequences of pretty people performing every day tasks in bewilderingly unnatural and disturbingly happy ways.
  • 127 variations of the same shot of the same subject
  • weird composite images and cat GIFs

how it works

We have worked hard to ensure that licencing from sisson stock is fast and easy.  All information relating to purchasing from us is detailed on our licencing info page

* Backdated to our wedding year as making Sarah a sisson from her birth date is just a little creepy