New Zealand Stock Photo Licencing Info

finding an image

pricing an image



find an image

Simply browse our New Zealand photo library for an image that meets your requirements. The advanced image search lets you tailor your search to crazily fine levels of detail - don't fret, it will 'do simple' as well.

You can build up a selection of potential candidate images in a Lightbox which you can then share with others, rate images and make a final selection from.

Please Note: in order to save or share a Lightbox you require a free photoshelter account

price your image

Once you have found the perfect image it is time to determine the licence value.  Click the big blue "Select Licence / Print Format" button above the selected image and you will be presented with a dialogue box requesting usage information. Complete this and a price will be generated.   

Simply "Add to Cart" and proceed through checkout. Once payment is approved, you will be able to download the image immediately.